The Long, Hard Process

Hello all. It’s time for an update. Some of you have asked where I’ve been. Less concern than curiosity; something this big needs to be updated fluidly. The answer is kinda big & vague.HI! If you’re new here, you should ‘Like’ this on Facebook. Thanks for visiting! No related posts.

[Policy] College Just Won’t Pay The Bills?

The Wall Street Journal dropped a piece not too long ago on why men may be dropping out of college at higher rates than women. Related posts: [Policy] What If We Had Better Telecom? [Policy] No Credit for Starving Economy [Policy] The Drones Are Coming

So About Those Drones

[Rand Paul Filibuster Over Drones] The following video is over 15 hrs long. It’s so big, so long, that I can’t even …

[Policy] The Drones Are Coming

The following video is a C-SPAN interview with Ben Gielow. He’s the General Counsel for the Association for Unmanned Vehicles. Related posts: …